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A man was arrested on hate crime charges after police said a TikTok video showed him hurling homophobic and racist remarks at a Korean-American man and woman dining at a California In-N-Out Burger.
Jordan Douglas Krah, of Denver, Colorado, was taken into custody Monday by San Ramon police and booked at the Martinez Detention Facility on two counts of committing a hate crime, a police news release states.
The arrest stems from an incident on Christmas Eve at an In-N-Out Burger in San Ramon. Arine Kim and her friend Elliot Ha were filming a TikTok video of Ha’s reaction to Kim’s food order, she posted in the caption of the video.
Police said in the news release that Krah approached Ha and Kim “unprovoked and engaged in a homophobic and racist rant.” The encounter caused Ha and Kim to “fear for their safety,” police said.
In the video, Kim asked her friend if he had ever tried a “light-well fry.” Before he could answer, Krah interrupted them and asked if they were filming themselves eating. When Ha responded that they were, Krah called them “weird homosexuals.”
Things escalated and at one point in the video, Krah threatened to spit in Ha’s face and called him a homophobic slur.
“See you outside in a minute,” Krah said in the video.
Because of Krah’s threats, Ha and Kim waited for the restaurant to close and had workers walk them to their car, NBC Bay Area reported.
In-N-Out Burger did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Tuesday.
Kim told the news station that she has been the victim of other racist attacks, but decided to post this encounter in hopes that people will take it seriously.
Krah, 40, remains in custody. It’s not clear if he has obtained an attorney who can speak on his behalf.
Minyvonne Burke is a senior breaking news reporter for NBC News.


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