TikTok Is Obsessed with Woman's Joyful Way of Feeding Local Chickadees – Yahoo Life

They like the way she thinks!
No matter what you do for a living, it's important to make time for doing things that make you happy. For @birdladydrin, that means finding new, creative ways to feed her neighborhood chickadees. The self-proclaimed 'professional bird nerd' used a combination of goggles, bird feeders, and suet to entice the chickadees to come closer, and we think it was a success!
TikTok must think so, too, because the video has over 7 million views already–within just 5 days of posting. We can only imagine what kind of creative ways to feed the birds she'll come up with next!
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Drin looks like she's having so much fun! It seems like she was able to get the attention of some chickadees rather quickly, but we wonder how long she was waiting before one of the birds stopped by. 
"I just picture you sitting there for hours," said commenter @velaya5. So could we! This seems like her happy place–in case you couldn't tell by "the massive grin' as @vodkatongue put it– so we're not surprised to see how many videos she films in this very spot. Now she's inspiring other birdwatchers to try close-up viewing, too!
@Hannah.leaha shared, "I wonder if this works well with those camo suits snipers and stuff wear. Pretend to be a bush." LOL! Given how many people would be fooled, we bet something like this could work on birds, too. Maybe Drin will test it out!
Until then, we'll be thoroughly enjoying this video on repeat. There's nothing adorable birds and an enthusiastic Drin can't fix! 
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