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A TIKTOKER has revealed the items she purchased from Shein to wear to her festivities while bringing in the New Year.
Jemma is a TikTok user who shares numerous videos with her followers about her life and she recently posted one showing off clothes she got from Shein.
The influencer, who's known on the app by her username @jemmajemma200, captioned her video admitting that she felt conflicted.
"Someone [please] send help," she said in the caption.
As she opened her Shein package, Jemma added screen text to her video saying: "I ordered a lot of stuff for New Years."
She said that the haul is "really gonna hit" before revealing the items she purchased from the fast fashion clothing company.
Jemma pulled a pair of black "basic" strappy heels out of the plastic Shein packaging.
In the video, she asked: "Why does it smell so weird?"
She admitted that she wanted the shoes not to be "too tall" so that her feet don't start to hurt her when she goes out.
"Little straps but very cute," she said about the heels.
Jemma added that "they actually seem very nice quality," as she flipped the shoe around so viewers could see the details.
While showing off a black, short dress with cutouts, Jemma said that she was "starting strong," before proceeding to try it on.
Once she had the little black dress on her body, she said that it didn't meet her expectations.
"Really let me down with this one," the TikToker said.
Standing in the mirror looking at herself with the dress on, Jemma said the dress was "mid."
"Let's hope my other dress is better than this," she added.
"Because I only ordered two for New Years and I will lose my mind."
The second dress Jemma showed that she ordered for her holiday looks was a red one.
"Right off the bat, I like this one better," she said while wearing the red dress with cutouts across her body.
Once she looked at herself in the mirror with the dress on, she admired herself and asked her followers, "why is it giving?"
"It also has a little scrunch," she said as she showed the ruched side of the dress.
Jemma also said that the dress can be pulled down for a longer style, "but like no," she said as she pulled the dress back up to her thigh.
The influencer held black, sparkly fishnet tights up in the video and jokingly said, "please look at the size of these tights," and laughed at the leggings that looked tiny.
"Okay this literally looks like an organ," she added.
Jemma said: "Again, right off the bat, [the] tights are giving."
Simply loving her tights with the red dress, she gushed: "Look at how cute these are, oh my goodness."
She went on to put on similar-styled fishnet gloves which were also sparkly.
"I also love these," she said about the gloves.
Jemma admitted that she would "need to fix the fingertips," before wearing them out.
With the stockings, dress, and gloves, Jemma showed the partially complete ensemble in the mirror.
"Here's where we're at right now," she said. "I think I like it."
Trying on different sparkly tights without designs on them with the dress, Jemma said: "I'm trying these just normal fishnet rhinestones which are also so cute."
With the alternative fishnet leggings on, Jemma stated that she didn't know how she felt about the red dress with the "normal" sparkly fishnet stockings.
Taking off the red dress completely, Jemma revealed another festive look.
She said that she didn't like either look that she showcased previously.
"I have this dress that is gorgeous that I think I'm going to wear – let me show y'all."
Jemma is then seen in a short, sparkly V-neck dress with the first bedazzled fishnet stockings she wore in the video.
The TikToker said, "these are so cute," then admitted that she felt that the classic stockings without designs may look better with the dark sequin dress.
She described the dress as "iridescent" with "blue sparkles."
Jemma stepped back into the video showing the dress on her with the regular fishnet leggings that didn't have designs.
With the gloves, she displayed the full look.
"I think this is the winner, guys," she said.
At the very end of her video, Jemma was wearing none of her New Year's Eve party options and said that she didn't know if she wanted to wear the red or dark sparkly dress.
Still undecided, she asked for "someone" to "please let me know."
"Hear me out, sparkly dress," a TikToker commented on the video. "Second pair of tights no gloves."
Another said: "last outfit was best."
"[Definitely] my thought too," Jemma replied to the user.
"The sparkly is definitely giving New Year’s Eve vibes but I think the red one could work if you throw on a furry black jacket," someone advised.
With fire emojis, they added that she'd look "fire" either way.
Jemma replied to the comment saying: "That's a [really] good idea, I was wanting to get a furry jacket so bad!!"
"I think you should try the black dress with the sparkly tights," one of her followers said. "I think it would make the dress look better!!"
"I gotchu!!," Jemma said in response. "I will try it," she added with a white heart emoji.
"Sparkly with the plain black gemstone tights and gloves," another viewer commented.
Jemma replied to the comment saying: "My thoughts exactly," with a heart-eyed cat emoji.
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