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Spoiler alert: He's not so angry.
The Angry Beekeeper on TikTok.
A TikToker is going viral after posting a bunch of weather predictions ahead of the winter snowstorm, and people love the content.
Lee Moore, also known as The Angry Beekeeper, is a Niagara region resident with a TikTok account where he talks about the weather in relation to his bees.
Ontario has had two major storm predictions over the past couple of weeks, and both times Moore has shared his and the bee's observations.
Moore has gained a rather large fan base, and on December 14, he posted a TikTok discussing the 80-hour storm predicted to hit Canada, and the video has gotten over a million views.
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"This giant snow storm that's supposed to paralyze Canada between Saskatchewan and Quebec, it is not going to happen," the beekeeper said in the video. "At the very least, it's not going to happen in southern Ontario."
"I work in nature all the time, I don't see any signs that there's going to be any snowstorm. The ground isn't even frozen in southern Ontario. So everybody just relax and chill," Moore added.
But how is The Angry Beekeeper able to predict the weather based on his bees, you may ask? Well, Moore told Narcity that he bases his forecasts "on where they store their honey, how much pollen they store in the fall, and the size of the colony in the spring. These can all be indicators of future weather patterns. Now having said that, not everyone agrees with me, and it's not an exact science."
Nevertheless, fans of his content have formed a kind of colony and are a part of Team Bees.
"I keep seeing the term 'team bee' they seem to be super fans and want to encourage the content. I have attracted the absolute best followers," Moore said.
Malcolm Lacey, a TikToker, posted a video in response to "beekeeper TikTok" discussing the predictions.
"Either there's going to be a major storm, and this beekeeper's going to be wrong, and that in itself would just be wild. Or he's going to be correct, and this isn't going to be a bad storm, and then we're going to have to sit there and say, 'this man with his bees," the TikToker explained.
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"This is like a TV show moment that I'm living. I love TikTok so much. And just so we're clear, I'm rooting for the bees, baby. I'm rooting for the bees," Lacey added.
In The Angry Beekeeper's latest predictions, he referenced CTV News after they called this weekend's winter storm "generational."
"This is not going to be once in a generational storm. Everyone remain calm," he said. "It's going to rain on Thursday. Friday, it's going to switch to snow, and we're going to get some wind. Saturday, we're going to get some snow. By the time this is all done, it's going to be over 10 centimetres."
Someone posted a video of them standing in a snowstorm and captioned it, "I put all my faith in the beekeeper weatherman."
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Another person posted a video and said, "I think the beekeeper guy was right."
The TikTok was filming in a parking lot in Oakville Missisagua and said, "we don't even have a white Christmas here, two days, they shut the school down, panic, panic, panic."
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A TikToker named Zacc Burke filmed themselves in the storm, in panic, yelling, "don't worry! The bees say, 'it's not going to be a snowstorm.' The bees said it, so it's not going to happen."
"Never fear, @theangrybeekeeper is here ? all jokes – all love!" they captioned the video.
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Regardless of whether the beekeeper's predictions are correct, TikTokers love the beekeeper's content.
"I'm on team bee!! He didn't say we wouldn't get snow folks!" one person commented. "I trust the bees ? this isn't a storm of the century lol," another said.
However, it's worth noting that when The Angry Beekeeper talks about the weather, he's usually just talking about the Niagara region.
"I tell everyone this, I'm not a weatherman, I'm a beekeeper," Moore told Narcity.
He added a comment about his moniker saying, "I think I'm called the angry beekeeper because I'm actually very easy going, it's kind of like jumbo shrimp type of thing."

The important question remains, are you team bee or not?


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