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“Barbiecore,” “goblincore,” and “Vermontcore” all were popular on TikTok this year.
Greta Gerwig’s highly anticipated 2023 film “Barbie” helped popularize the hyper-feminine trend.
“Coastal grandmother” looks also started trending this year.
NEW: “Barbiecore” made hot pink a staple.
Both Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie” film and Valentino’s monochromatic pink fashion show in March 2022 have been credited with popularizing “Barbiecore,” according to Insider reporter Gabi Stevenson.
“Barbiecore” is a hyperfeminine, “pink is the new pink” fashion style. TikTok users gravitated toward the trend with videos like “Barbiecore” makeup recreations and “Barbie” movie outfit recreations.
Stars like Zendaya, Lizzo, and Anne Hathaway were spotted in the vibrant color in the summer of 2022. Though the popularity of the neon pink hue has died down, summer 2022 will always be remembered as the monochromatic, hot pink season.
STILL TRENDING: “Normcore” is around for the long haul.
There are many different theories circulating on TikTok about how “Normcore” rose to popularity, but it’s been around for awhile.
TikTok fashion account Rag Report credits internet cartoonist Ryan Estrada with coining the idea back in 2008 and TikTok user Seth Froese dates “normcore” back to the classic ’90s looks of Steve Jobs and Jerry Seinfeld. It was even added to the AP Stylebook in 2016.
“Normcore” rejects extravagant, niche, maximalist fashion trends and instead opts for the basic. According to Rag Report’s TikTok, the creation of “normcore” was “a reaction to the mass alternative, a world where the internet made it too easy to find a niche. The only way left to be different was to embrace being the same.”
“Normcore” has seen a resurgence of popularity in 2022. In February, fashion outlet Highsnobiety declared that “normcore” will “always be relevant.”
STILL TRENDING: “Vermontcore” is all about being cozy outdoors.
“Vermontcore” is an offshoot of the highly popular “cottagecore” trend that took off on the app in 2020.
According to Refinery29, “Vermontcore” could have been inspired by Vermont senator Bernie Sanders and his famous meme that circulated after President Biden’s 2021 inauguration. In the meme, Sanders dons a pair of knit mittens in the brisk January 2021 weather. This same homely, natural look has driven the popularity of “Vermontcore.”
“Vermontcore,” like “cottagecore,” is all about being cozy, though “Vermontcore” aesthetics are also about being outside and donning loose-fitting neutrals and floral prints.
When “Vermontcore” began trending, so did other niche styles that go hand-in-hand, like defining what a “granola girl” is or unpacking different types of “crunchy” people.
NEW: The “clean girl” aesthetic caused some controversy.
This micro-trend took off in the summer of 2022. As the weather warmed, creators on TikTok filled the app with beauty routines and outfit inspirations under the “clean girl aesthetic” label. The look featured slicked-back buns and gold hoops with photo inspiration from Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber.
As the trend grew in popularity, and dewy skin and natural makeup looks filled #ForYou pages everywhere, Black and brown creators spoke out about the trend’s harmful erasure.
The “clean girl” aesthetic borrows from style staples that have been found in Black and Latino culture for generations, according to Nylon, including gold hoops and slicked-back buns. The minimalist beauty and style trend was called out on TikTok and Twitter for the potentially colorist implications of the aesthetic’s popularity.
STILL TRENDING: “Goblincore” has a connection to the natural and supernatural world.
“Goblincore” first rose to TikTok trending status in 2021. Inspired by fairytales and fantasy, fairies and goblins serve as outfit inspiration for “goblincore” TikTokers.
Key imagery in “goblincore” includes mushrooms, bugs, moss, and more. According to Vice, this aesthetic has a special connection with the natural and supernatural world. These elements allow “goblincore” TikTokers to explore their fluid genders and sexualities in a judgment-free space.
“I think that the idea of being a small woodland entity brings a sense of peace,” internet artist Sküg, 19, said to Vice. “Especially for nonbinary folks who are struggling to understand how and where they fit in, in a society that works against them.”
In 2022, the “goblincore” trend picked up steam. Fashion outlet Hypebeast asked in January if “2022 would be the year of ‘goblincore’?” This year, with brands like Urban Outfitters and Forever 21 selling “goblincore” pieces, the trend broke into the mainstream in a big way.
STILL TRENDING: “Gorpcore” is for hikers, wherever they are.
“Gorp” stands for “good ol’ raisins and peanuts,” an expression used to describe a hiker’s favorite snack, trail mix. In 2017, The Cut coined the acronym “gorp,” and the rest was history.
“Gorpcore” has been around for years. At its most fundamental definition, “gorpcore” describes fashion pieces that are both stylish and functional. For the active hiker or camper, a pair of cargo pants would be considered “gorp.”
“Gorpcore” is the new-age take on the age-old concept of stylish function. Puffer jackets, hiking boots, cargo pants, and more can be seen on Gen Z TikTokers heading anywhere but the mountains. As Fashionista pointed out, the Birkenstock Boston Clog that sold out everywhere was definitely a part of the trend.
Today, “gorpcore” can be seen on off-duty models and high-fashion runways alike, according to Vogue. The laid back, versatile style can go from day to night, from the office to a campsite, in the blink of an eye.
NEW: “Coastal grandmother” went viral with neutral, flowy fabrics.
The “coastal grandmother” aesthetic was largely inspired by Diane Keaton in the 2003 film “Something’s Gotta Give.” TikToker Lex Nicoleta posted a video in March coining the term “coastal grandmother” and forecasting the style trend. Nicoleta used Keaton as the main inspiration for the laid-back look.
Since March, the aesthetic has been replicated and recreated in closets everywhere. The hashtag has over 270 million views and counting as of December 20. The “coastal grandmother” look relies on loose-fitting outfits, neutral tones, and cozy or breezy materials.
And if you’re wondering if Keaton is aware of being the inspiration for the “coastal grandmother” aethetic, she is. In April, the actor responded to the trend on her Instagram, posting an edited clip from “Something’s Gotta Give” showing the actress googling: “What is a coastal grandmother?”
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