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Have you heard about the “red nails theory” on TikTok?
If not, it goes a little something like this: men are attracted to women who wear red nail polish…and it’s because they remember when their moms and their teachers wore red nail polish when they were kids in the 1990s.
The whole phenomenon kicked off when a woman posted this video on TikTok.

And this woman put the theory to the test during a night out on the town.

And thi woman shared a video and weighed in on the effectiveness of the theory, too.

And this woman who said she’s chubby and not especially attractive was going to try this out as an experiment.

A woman who is getting her Ph.D. in Psychology decided to weigh in on the red nails theory, as well.
Take a look at what she had to say about all this.

Hmmmm, it sounds like the ladies out there are pretty divided on this one…
We’ll have to see how this phenomenon develops moving forward.
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