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You’re never too old to be a TikTok star and you’re never too old to piss off your ex’s family. 92-year-old TikToker “Grandma Droniak” proves both of these. She has more than six million followers on the video sharing platform.
Last month, Grandma Droniak started making content about the death of one of her exes. She shared a video captioned, “rip bruce but now you cant call me.” In the clip she asks whether her ex ever stops calling her in the text overlay of the video.
She then shows a headstone in the video with a “yes” text overlay while laughing.
rip bruce but now you cant call me
As if that wasn’t coldblooded enough, Grandma Droniak shared a follow-up video driving the point home. In the follow-up she gets herself ready to crash the funeral.
She explains in the clip that she wanted to attend the funeral to say “so long” to her ex. She also explained that she didn’t want to wear too much makeup and steal the show.
The video was captioned, “grwm 4 my ex’s funeral. rip bruce i hope you like my outfit and that lipstick was for you.”
Replying to @ayanaiscoolerthanyou grwm 4 my ex’s funeral. rip bruce i hope you like my outfit and that lipstick was for you
Grandma Droniak, being all about the content, created another clip showing off her funeral look. As to not be too disrespectful to her ex, she filmed the video from her deck and not the cemetery.
She claimed to have “slayed the funeral” and been the “best dressed.”
i think i slayed the funeral but rip bruce you were handsome
The content created by TikTok’s favorite grandma didn’t sit well with Bruce’s family. In fact, his daughter reached out to voice her displeasure.
The daughter allegedly wrote, “I’m the daughter of your ex that just passed away. I can’t believe you made a joke on TikTok about him passing and you slaying at his funeral.”
She added, “Your rude and I hope you stop ‘slaying’ soon… if you know what I mean.”
i never regret slaying even if its at a funeral and it sounds like sue doesnt know how to slay
A commenter responded to the video by telling Grandma Droniak to not listen to the daughter. They said that she was just mad that the grandma slayed at the funeral.
“I responded with – you’re*,” Grandma Droniak responded.
It’s a dark subject to be making content out of, but she’s 92. And nobody wants to watch content about butterscotch candies and arthritis medication.

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