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Any active user of TikTok has likely heard the “Goodbye” sound in a video on their For You Page, but who created it? Where is it from?
Every day, millions of users on TikTok are likely to hear an extremely viral sound without even noticing where it came from and who is behind the clip.
This is exemplified in the recent “Goodbye” sound that has been used in nearly 500,000 videos, which have amassed hundreds of millions of views.
But many are left wondering where the sound came from. Here’s everything we know about “Goodbye” by Feder.
First released back in 2015, ‘Goodbye’ was recorded by French DJ ‘Feder’ featuring the vocals of singer Anne-Lyse Blanc.
The clip of the song that’s gone viral on TikTok over the last few months, however, is the “slower” version.
As part of a trend, the song is used to show various transitions of an influencer’s face or body, and it has been used by a plethora of big-name influencers.
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In October 2020, Kylie Jenner posted a video alongside James Charles using the sound, which has received over six million likes.
Around the same time, TikTok influencer and now 100 Thieves member Vinnie Hacker did the trend while in the shower — amassing over three million likes in the process.
On top of that, his video has over 107,000 comments from fans of the creator.
For those interested in checking out the full song, Feder uploaded a music video on YouTube when the song launched that has received nearly 120 million views at the time of writing.
Even though the song is nearly a decade old, it’s clear that it still resonates with fans of the genre.


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