How to block a sound on TikTok to stop it from reappearing – Business Insider

It’s no secret that certain sounds and songs appear in a lot of TikTok videos — they become popular, trendy, and videos which feature them ripple across the app like a fad. That’s great if you like the sound in question, but if it’s annoying or you’re simply over it, it can be frustrating if TikTok’s algorithm keeps serving you videos featuring that soundtrack. The solution? You can block certain sounds on TikTok.
When you encounter a video that has a sound you don’t like and would like to block, do this:
1. Tap and hold the video that is playing the sound you want to block.
2. In the pop-up menu, tap More to the right of Not interested.
3. Tap Hide videos with this sound.
While this informs TikTok that you want to see fewer videos with this sound, it doesn’t immediately block all videos using this soundtrack. Instead, it makes it somewhat less likely that you’ll be served a video with this sound — the exact reduction depends on TikTok’s algorithm, the specifics of which TikTok doesn’t disclose. Each time you see a video with this sound, though, you can repeat these steps to further reduce how often you’ll see these videos.


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