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Published on Dec 12, 2022
TikToker Mia Sommer (@meuh_summer) asked her neighbor to be her boyfriend after they had been casually dating for a month, and TikTokers waited on pins and needles for the response.
And now, I’m officially dating my neighbor lol
Sommer is a TikToker who recently shared the most adorable video in which she builds up the courage to ask her neighbor to be her boyfriend. Mia and her neighbor had been casually dating for about a month, but she decided to see if he was interested in taking their relationship to the next level in the viral video. Spoiler alert: Her neighbor said yes!
The video begins with Mia walking into the hallway of her building. She places her phone on the floor so she can record herself popping the big question. Then she slowly approaches her neighbor’s door.
“How I asked my neighbor to be my boyfriend,” Mia writes in a caption. 
Mia turns toward the camera momentarily. She’s wearing a long black leather jacket and white blouse, while holding an orchid. She explains that was the first type of flower her neighbor ever gave her.
“OMG, I’m so nervous,” she whispers before turning toward the door and ringing the doorbell.
Mia raises her hands to her face nervously as she waits for her neighbor to answer the door.
“My face is gonna get so red,” she whispers to herself, before covering her mouth with her hand. 
The seconds stretch out as Mia anxiously waits for her neighbor to open the door. Finally, he swings the door open, and Mia turns toward him, holding out the orchid.
“This is for me?” he asks, walking toward Mia and grinning.
“Yes, but you have to read the note,” Mia replies.
As her neighbor slowly reads the note, Mia looks around anxiously. Finally, he finishes reading.
“Yes, neighbor,” he replies.
Mia sighs with relief and throws herself into her neighbor and now-boyfriend’s arms. The two kiss. Then Mia walks down the hall toward the camera. The video ends with her boyfriend gasping in surprise as he realizes Mia recorded the sweet moment between them.
Viewers couldn’t get enough of Mia and her boy-next-door’s romantic moment!
“Stop, this is so cute!” one viewer wrote. 
“They kissed like they’ve been dating for 5 years!” another viewer replied. 
“This is so wholesome,” another TikToker wrote.
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