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The latest #FoodTok trend has arrived.
Scrolling through your For You Page, you’ve likely noticed that viral food trends have once again been all the rage on TikTok in 2022. Everything from butter boards, the tunacado sandwich, sushi bakes, cowboy caviar, and more, have caught the attention of millions who go on to try the recipes at home for themselves. Now, the viral M&S frozen cookie trend is the latest #FoodTok craze taking over your FYP.
Unlike many other TikTok recipes, this viral trend is actually very straightforward. To start, simply purchase a packet of Marks & Spencer’s frozen milk chocolate chip cookies. Next, place the cookies on a baking tray, heat them up for just 10 minutes in the oven, and there you have it: a warm and gooey batch of chocolate chip cookies for your enjoyment.
As of writing, the #mandscookie hashtag is nearing 2 million views on the platform, while some individual videos featuring the viral recipe have earned almost a million views and thousands of likes and comments.
“M&S let us rest. These look amazing. Can’t wait to try,” one user said of the trending cookies. “Literally had one of these tonight with ice cream. These are so addictive,” another user commented.
The delicious frozen chocolate chip cookies aren’t the only Marks & Spencer product to have taken off on TikTok in recent months, as users have also been drooling over the Colin the Caterpillar frappé, the M&S chocolate whipped cream, the stonebaked s’mores pizza, the dippy egg cheese bake, the Percy Pig blondie baking mix, the garlic butter brioche and camembert wreath, and much more.
However, if the frozen M&S cookies are what you’re after, see how they look, below.
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