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On the occasion of Christmas, FamilyTime – one of the best parental control apps burnishes its app with the addition of four new features named “Youtube Monitoring”, “TikTok Monitoring”, “Web History Monitoring” and Approve Apps.
FamilyTime is already a feature-rich app that covers almost everything that helps parents protect their children in today's hyper-connected world, and the team is constantly updating its app to deal with every parenting difficulty that may arise. The team catered to parents' rising desire to limit their children's use of social media apps, particularly YouTube and TikTok, this time.
"With YouTube and TikTok Monitoring, we give parents detailed information on everything that happens on the platforms in one place so they can better understand what their children are watching and take quick action, from knowing specifically the videos viewed to having a chat with them even blocking the applications if they deem it necessary ", said Mr. Aziz, CEO at FamilyTime.
The addition of these new features gives parents greater insight into their children's use of the world's most popular video platforms. Their launch comes at a crucial time when parents are paying increasing attention to their children's safe use online, giving them more autonomy.
Children spend more and more time in front of screens, specifically for entertainment, according to the latest study by Common Sense Media. And a lot of that time is spent on YouTube and TikTok.
Therefore, this new function gives families the option to set limits on the time that the little ones in the house spend watching videos. The features are fully customizable and programmable depending on the day of the week so, for example, you can give your kids a little extra time during the weekends.
The YouTube Monitoring feature, in addition to providing parents with data on their children's viewing history, allows users to examine all of their children's searches on the platform as well as keywords. Thus, parents can talk to them if they notice that they have searched for inappropriate or dangerous topics for their age or they can use this option simply to find out what interests them.
With these two features already in place, the inclusion of Web History tracking is the icing on the cake. This functionality allows parents to monitor their children's browsing history as well as access pages saved in their bookmarks, among other things. Furthermore, whenever a child installs a new app, FamilyTime sends a notification to the parents, allowing them to immediately approve or disapprove of the apps or games.
Parents who are FamilyTime’s Premium users can also block access to the application and website if they see their children's use as excessive. Of course, flexibility is key in the use of technology, so it's just as easy for parents to unlock access to YouTube and TikTok with the changing needs of each family in mind.
"These new features help parents understand what their children see on their devices, being one of the advantages that FamilyTime offers over its competitors," said Mr. Imran, Marketing head of FamilyTime. "With it, we help millions of parents who need something more than what YouTube's restricted mode can offer them."
Besides adding new features, FamilyTime is bringing updates to its available features. For example, the Internet Filtering, Location Tracking, and Screen Time Limit features, which are some of FamilyTime’s most popular and well-received features, are now more accurate than before.
These features assist parents in protecting their children against unsuspected digital threats such as cybercrime, gambling, addiction to violent or explicit online games, suicidal ideation, and so on. FamilyTime is always striving to improve its services, which is why the team has enhanced all of these features to better support parents. With these latest enhancements, breaching FamilyTime’s impregnable security will become a true challenge for tech geeks.
FamilyTime is solidifying its position as one of the top parental applications by releasing these big announcements.
The FamilyTime parental control app is available on Google Play Store, and App Store with all its features for free download and instant Sign Up.
FamilyTime is the leading parental control app that empowers parents to keep a safety check on their children digitally. For more information and details, visit their website and their official blog. For updates on the app and parental tips, follow their Twitter and like them on Facebook.
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