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Dec. 19 2022, Published 5:12 p.m. ET
Picture it: It’s a warm evening in your home, courtesy of your heating system cranked all the way up — word to Fat Joe. You and your family are breaking out the Christmas tree decorations — you know: ornaments, garland, the tree skirt, the works.
Unfortunately, after putting your beloved tree together and admiring your handiwork, you realize that your creation looks a bit bare. One side of your tree doesn’t have as much lighting as the other, there are too many holes to count, and your ribbon is not equally spread out.
No matter where you stand, TikTok is coming in major clutch to save the day. Christmas 2022 is no different as creators are showcasing ways to let your Christmas tree decor pop while adding your own personality into the mix. Here are six TikTok Christmas tree hacks to help you get the ball rolling and wow your guests.
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One of the easiest ways to add some extra pizzazz to a Christmas tree is utilizing tinsel boa. TikTok account @sellingthesuburbs shares the secret of cutting the tinsel into small pieces, shaking off the excess material, and placing them onto your tree. This allows you to fill the holes with a burst of holiday color that shines brightly from afar. Job well done.
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Folks who have major holes to fill will appreciate TikToker @erinrobinson’s method. The creator adds garland ties, pine cones, and fake stems into the equation to provide your tree with a more “organic look.” Simply twist the garland ties around each other to create an “X” shape and wrap the center on a tree branch for more coverage. Nestle the pine cones into bare spots to hide any plastic, and pop the fake stems in where you see fit. Easy, peasy!
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Adding ribbon to your tree may not be your style, but TikToker @Kraftikatie may change your mind. Katie cuts the ribbon into four-foot strips. Then, she scrunchies them in the middle and places the scrunched section between two tree stems. Twist the ribbon and stems as you would a twist-tie. Next, measure about a foot from the twist-tie section and repeat the process. drape the ribbon over your tree toward another empty spot. Repeat.
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It’s time to put in some elbow grease. TikToker @re_fabbed is putting leftover ornaments to good use. Start off by compiling plastic ornaments wire, and wire cutters. Begin to thread five ornaments on the wire. Once complete, tie the wire to make one grand ornament bunch. Stick them anywhere you please and repeat until satisfied.
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We have to hand it to TikToker @shun2290. Instead of spending tons of time decorating your tree to perfection, this creator has simplified the process and won over followers. Simply take large gallons and stick them into bare spaces on your tree. From afar, the large balloons look like large ornaments, and up close, you won’t be able to tell that they’re balloons. Just make sure to stick the ends into the tree. A win is a win!
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Tiktoker @memyselfandjuliatoscan may have cracked the code! Instead of worrying about seemingly difficult tasks, simply rely on your folding skills to fill a sparse tree. She explains that you need to take ribbon and cut it into squares the size of a napkin. Gather the ends to make a bunch and literally shove it in the sparse area, fluff it up, and you’re done.
Pro tip: For folks who prefer a little more security, you can tape the ends of the ribbing together to make a bunch so you don’t have to worry about it becoming undone.
Happy Holidays!
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