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USERS of TikTok get very frustrated when trying to access their account, only to find it's been locked.
But fear not, here’s what we know about getting your account unlocked.
In reality, users can be locked out of their TikTok account for several reasons.
The most common reason is that you’ve forgotten your password or your login information.
However, in some cases accounts can be suspended or banned if they are found to have breached the platform’s terms and services.
These can include trying to increase your views and likes by using bots, logging in from many different IP addresses, using a handle or username that violates the platform's rules, posting offensive content, or spamming.
Accounts can also be suspended and locked if they have broken the platform’s community guidelines.
The platform constantly updates its guidelines so you need to make sure you're aware of the latest rules.
The process of regaining access to your TikTok account will depend on the reason that caused you to lose access in the first place.
However, TikTok recommends following three troubleshooting steps before seeking the help of support staff.
It may sound obvious, but TikTok suggests that a user's first action should be to restart their phone.
Failing that, it may be something to do with your internet connection.
Either connect to a reliable wi-fi connection or check that your mobile network has a solid signal.
If internet connectivity is not the issue, try clearing your app cache. To do this open your app and select the "Me" menu in the lower right-hand corner.
Then select the three dots in the upper right corner to open your settings and privacy options.
Finally, tap the "Clear cache" option located under the Cache and Cellular Data heading.
If these steps don’t work, it’s possible that you may have the wrong username or password.
By using the forgot password function on the login screen you will have the opportunity to reset your login settings.
As with most sites, you will be sent a link to the email address or phone number that is associated with the account to allow you access to do so.
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