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This mom’s hack for easily making precise parchment paper measurements had TikTokers’ jaws dropping!
Daniela Lisi (@danielalisi5) is a TikToker and photographer who took a break from sharing behind-the-scenes videos of her work to share an amazing cooking hack that her mom showed her!
In the video, Daniela’s mom shares how she gets perfect parchment paper measurements every time she needs to bake. Spoiler alert: It’s all in how you fold the paper!
The video begins with Daniela walking into the kitchen, where her mom is standing at the kitchen counter. On the counter in front of her sits a roll of parchment paper and a cake pan. “Do that again,” Daniela instructs her mom, who responds by picking up the roll of parchment paper.
Daniela’s mom rips a piece of parchment paper off the roll, then turns the cake pan over on the counter in front of her. Then, she folds the parchment paper in half, smoothing down the edges.
Daniela’s mom turns the parchment paper 90 degrees, then folds it in half again. Then, she turns one corner down to create a triangle.
The clever mom places the parchment paper onto the back of the cake pan, aligning the point of the triangle with the center of the pan. She holds the paper down with one hand, then picks up a pair of scissors and cuts the parchment paper, following along the edge of the cake pan.
When Daniela’s mom unfolds the parchment paper, she reveals that she has cut it into a perfect circle! She places it into the cake pan, showing that it fits perfectly.
“Oh my god,” Daniela exclaims as the video ends. “It’s perfect!”
TikTokers applauded the genius hack.
“Finally getting us to use radius,” joked one TikToker.
“Moms literally know everything!” another TikToker commented.
Geometry queen,” another viewer commented.
Who said you’d never use your high school math skills again?
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