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We are excited to announce that I, Nancy West, with help from our associates Chelsea Hensley, Bob Charest and Beverly Stoddart have launched our TikTok page and will be posting regularly to have a little fun, sometimes even with serious news. Please Like Us on Facebook Follow Us on Twitter Subscribe via RSS
Happy Chanukah from the folks at – New Hampshire’s nonprofit watchdog newsoutlet #News #NH #unbiased #chanukah2022 #MichaelDavidow
We are the future of news because that is what is coming right after right now — the future. Some just came. Oops and there’s some more coming. And there it goes. Hard to stop it so let’s share the amazing work we are doing at with the world. More future just happened but darn, it became the past.
We are serious journalists like Paula Tracy and Garry Rayno and Damien Fisher and wonderful columnists and podcasters like Wayne King, Monica West and Roger Wood who do an awesome job covering New Hampshire. We have NO paywall and absolutely NO sponsored content – You know stories that look like news but somebody with a vested interest is paying for them. Come along for the joyful ride of reporting unbiased news without fear or favor – how we are going to save local news in New Hampshire.
It’s part of our NH Sustainable News Summit Project to find a sustainable financial path for local New Hampshire news that matters. You know not every car crash or car into a house, which most editors just can’t get enough of.
Please don’t forget your part, Double your donation through NewsMatch until Dec. 31 here. Some day soon (in the near future) we hope to sing for our supper and not bug you with all of these endless fundraisers. Then and now, this is YOUR nonprofit news outlet!
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By Michael Davidow, Radio Free New Hampshire December!
By Susan Dromey Heeter, Joyful Musings There are people who are purists, who delight in getting in on the ground floor, who do their due diligence and bask in the statement, “I knew them when…”  Today I muse joyfully on being a showboater, on arriving after the party has been set up, the homework done by others, the candles lit.  And this, dear Joyful Musers, is how I am entirely about the World Cup.
By GARRY RAYNO, Distant Dome The year 2022 is nearly over but for a few more weeks, Christmas, the winter solstice and New Year’s Eve.
Mount Washington Observatory tweeted Saturday: The White Mountains of New Hampshire do have avalanche terrain.
As I muse joyfully this holiday season, as I unpack holiday decor, I am also going to muse joyfully on random thoughts.
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