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JAKARTA, Indonesia, Dec. 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — During December 11-18, 2022, coocaa joined hands with TikTok, the popular short-form video and social media platform, to launch an 8-day World Cup-themed online and offline pop-up store in Central Park, a top high-end shopping mall in Jakarta, Indonesia, which was well received and attracted a number of young people.
coocaa Joined Hands with TikTok to Launch An World Cup-themed Pop-up Store
coocaa Joined Hands with TikTok to Launch An World Cup-themed Pop-up Store
coocaa’s Y72 and Y72 Pro TV were on display at the event venue. Both models were equipped with the latest Google TV system – offering users the ultimate in speed and convenience through massive amounts of content, a customized interface and shortcut keys; the models also feature comprehensive vision-protection for every member of the family through flicker-free technology, low blue light technology and its family health platform. It is a great choice for you both for adults and children. It is also friendly to families with elderly people at home and can take good care of their vision health. The newly developed Y72 Pro is even equipped with coocaa’s exclusive QLED+ technology, which is capable of displaying 1.07 billion levels of amazing colors per frame, making the color display of the TV screen more realistic, aiming to restore and reconstruct the details of every frame so as to give viewers an immersive experience.
The host enthusiastically interacted with the audience at the event and led the audience to participate in a fun quiz with the theme of World Cup and gave a thoughtfully prepared gift to each audience member that answered correctly. The audience actively participated in the event with great enthusiasm. The event was held both offline and online simultaneously, combining both directions. The whole process was also broadcasted live online in real time on the coocaa official TikTok live stream (
Recently, #thetrendsetterproject and #NobarVibes are two trending topics on TikTok, coocaa official TikTok account also followed the fervor, posted a World Cup-themed topic challenges- #CheerForChampion. And coocaa also launched a series of interactive raffle activities in its live broadcasts, wherein participating viewers could actively answer the World Cup-related knowledge quiz, the viewer with the most correct guesses was the winner of the day, and could win a free quality TV, etc. The live broadcast instantly swarmed with a large number of viewers, fans soared, and many beautiful gifts were given out that night.


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