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A British man was so confused by the supermarket he shops at packing his shopping for him he had to tiktok it.Video / itscurlsbaby
A British traveller has gone viral after ranting about the “most confusing thing” he has encountered while living in New Zealand.
The man, who shared the video on TikTok under the username @itscurlsbaby, said he was perplexed at something he noticed at his local supermarket.
In particular, how the checkout person at the supermarket packs his items for him.
“When you go into a supermarket called New World they pack your bag for you,” he said in the video, which has been viewed more than 113,000 times.
“They literally pack your shopping,” the Brit said, adding that this was not the most unusual thing about the situation.
“If that wasn’t weird enough, here’s my question when they’re doing that – what are you supposed to do?” he asked.
“It’s so bizarre,” he added, describing how awkward he felt standing and watching them pack items.
When it first happened, he thought New World was running a charity fundraiser and tried to tip the person $2.
Several TikTok viewers commented suggestions on how he could pass the time.
“Just stand there awkwardly,” joked one person, while another said he could keep watch over his items.
“Haha just watch and make sure they don’t squash your bread,” they wrote.
More helpful users suggested using the time to get ready to pay or strike up a conversation with the cashier.
“Go through your wallet or purse to get [your] money or card,” one person wrote.
“You have a chat with the shopkeeper,” another said.
Some viewers said this service was the reason they shopped at New World, as it was helpful for those with children or disabilities. Others shared the Brit’s awkwardness and preferred places like PakNSave where you pack your own groceries.

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