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All your seating needs solved.
Dining tables are usually one of those investment items that require some degree of compromise. Do you want a table that hogs space but can accommodate guests or do you want a smaller table that works for everyday, but that you know will have you eating elbow to elbow when you’re entertaining. Now you don’t have to decide. This age-old dilemma has been solved by an utterly ingenious (now-internet-famous) extendable table from Transformer Table. And once you see how easily it expands, you’ll understand why it’s gone viral.
Transformer Table, a Canada-based modular furniture company, has created a space-saving, solid wood table that expands from a mere 18 inches to 10 feet in a blink. Thanks to its telescoping design, you can use it as a desk or console, a table for four, a communal table for six or eight, or for a big holiday meal that seats 12. It can do it all. Plus, it has clean, modern lines and is offered in five different finishes so it will look good in basically any setting.
And if you’re wondering what to do with those modular panels when not in use, don’t worry — that detail has been thought of too. The five included panels neatly stack into a matching coffee table — and you can get one free now with your table order.
For a limited time only, you can get a free matching coffee table with your order.
Transformer Table’s extendable table is made from FSC-certified hardwood that can hold up to 750 pounds (seriously). The substantial table ships free anywhere in the U.S. and it comes pre-assembled so all you have to do is take the console-size table out of the box, along with the included panels. And thanks to the intuitive design, you can expand it and insert the panels yourself without breaking a sweat (or needing to call for assistance).
It should be noted, however, that seating is not included with the Transformer Table. The brand does sell bundled offerings — like the table with four chairs or table and bench — as well as options to combine chairs and benches for more custom configurations. Of course, you can always buy chairs from another retailer, too.
There’s free shipping and for a limited time, you can also get a free coffee table with your order.
This extendable table has certainly made waves on TikTok and Instagram for its versatile design, but it’s also amassed more than 1,000+ reviews on the Transformer Table site. Customers rave about its style and practicality. Here’s what a few verified buyers reported:
“This dining set is a true lifesaver and game-changer in our home. We cannot wait to use it for Thanksgiving in a few weeks. Our guests are excited to finally see it for themselves! […]” Shay P.
“Love this table, bench and coffee table! […] We live in a townhome, so it’s amazing that we can take it from a sitting area to a full 12 person dinner in minutes (I can do it with assistance). Thanks for a great product!” – Jessica S.
“Looks good, extremely practical. Setup was a breeze, and there were thoughtful touches like the touch-up paint which was included which is great for minor nicks and scratches. Looking forward to years of use.” – Duncan B.
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