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A whimsical video of a white puppet with a green hat has gone super viral on TikTok, with hundreds of users making videos joking that the figure is “me as a baby.” Here’s everything you need to know about the trend.
TikTok is home to a huge number of different trends, with new ones going viral on practically a daily basis, and taking over For You Pages across the world.
One trend that has been garnering attention throughout November and December on the app, is being dubbed by some as the ‘me as a baby’ trend.
On November 17, TikTok user Mestre Ensinador uploaded a video of a white puppet in a green hat dancing in a forest.
Users quickly created a prank trend inspired by the popular video, in which they would show the clip to young children, and tell them that the puppet was actually them as a baby. These videos racked up hundreds of thousands of likes and views, taking over the app.
The original video has been flooded with comments referencing the meme.
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“I remember doing this as a baby,” one comment with over 50,000 likes read.
“This is literally me as a baby,” said another, alongside hundreds of other similar comments.
This has then progressed into some users making arts and crafts of the whimsical video, drawing the white puppet, or creating small models of it. Some even went on to dress up in similar outfits, and film their own videos in the forest.
The character has become immediately recognizable to millions of TikTok users, and even though the video was posted weeks ago, the trend is still going strong, with new videos being created on a daily basis.


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