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While browsing through TikTok videos, you might decide to screenshot or record one. But does TikTok notify someone when you screenshot or record their video? Here’s what you need to know about recording content on this popular video-sharing app.
TikTok does not notify the video’s creator if you screenshot or screen record. However, if you record a TikTok off your phone using TikTok’s screen recording feature, the resulting video will be affixed with a label indicating it came from screen recording. Furthermore, people’s watermarks or other identifiers they place in their videos will continue to exist in screen recordings and screenshots.
Similarly, TikTok Now also doesn’t notify a video’s creator if you screenshot or screen record.
You cannot prevent screenshots on TikTok. You can make your account private to limit your followers, but the followers you still have will be able to screenshot your videos.
If you want to prevent people from downloading your TikTok videos, that is possible. Here’s what to do:
TikTok does not notify a creator if you download one of their videos.
No, TikTok does not notify the creator of a video if you have downloaded it.
Yes. Disabling downloads won’t prevent people from screen recording your TikToks.
Yes, TikTok labels videos made using the screen recording feature in the app accordingly.
If someone reposts your TikTok, you will not get any sort of notification.


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