A Tesla owner shared TikTok videos about the impacts of cold weather on his car showing he can't open the door, the frunk, or even charge it – Yahoo News

A Tesla owner shared TikTok videos showing he can’t open the door, the frunk, or even charge it.
User ddcustomz shares “the facts of a Tesla,” highlighting issues with the car during winter.
The owner also experimented with the car, such as covering sensors to see if Autopilot still works.
An owner shares TikTok videos of his frozen Tesla showing he can’t open the door, the frunk, or even charge it.
TikTok user ddcustomz shares videos about “the facts of a Tesla,” including videos showing what issues one may face with the vehicle during winter.
In one video, the owner showed that he couldn’t get the door open because the handle wouldn’t budge after being frozen shut in wintry conditions. “I’m stuck outside in the cold,” he wrote in the video’s caption.
In two other videos, the user showed he couldn’t get the frunk open or charge his Tesla because of the ice covering it.
Tesla cars have a detector so that whenever a charging port is getting closer to it, it lifts a small panel that reveals where to plug it.
The owner, ddcustomz, didn’t respond to a request for comment by Insider. He shares videos all year long of what it’s like to own a Tesla, from maintenance tips to reviewing the Autopilot system. He also experimented with the car, such as covering all the vehicle’s sensors to see if it would be able to drive itself without bumping into a trash can or another car.
One Tesla owner shared his mishap with Insider last week after his car ordered him to pull over despite a full charge. Another one took to TikTok to share videos after a pitbull attacked her and she found refuge in her car. Then, the dog attacked her car.
Tesla didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment by Insider made outside normal working hours, asking whether the company had tips on how to prevent the issues faced by the TikToker.
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