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Senior Culture Reporter, HuffPost
Laura Dern and Reese Witherspoon were left feeling less than festive after sampling this holiday season’s most-buzzed-about cocktail.
On Thursday, Witherspoon shared a short video on TikTok and Instagram in which she and Dern attempt to enjoy a Negroni sbagliato while out at a bar. The cocktail ― made with Campari, sweet vermouth and sparkling wine ― has become a social media sensation in recent weeks, thanks to a televised interview with “House of the Dragon” actors Emma D’Arcy and Olivia Cooke that was featured on HBO Max’s TikTok account.
Witherspoon’s video shows her playfully imitating D’Arcy’s cadence as she entices Dern to take a sip. However, it doesn’t take long for the “Big Little Lies” co-stars to determine that the Negroni sbagliato will never be their drink of choice.
“That’s disgusting,” Dern proclaims with a wince, to which a giggling Witherspoon responds: “It is kind of gross.” Together, the pair then hand the drink off to an off-camera bartender.
Christmas Cocktails with Dern ?❤️?
Of course, Dern and Witherspoon’s distaste will not likely diminish the Negroni sbagliato’s sudden popularity. As of Friday, HBO Max’s TikTok video in which D’Arcy enthusiastically praises the drink had been viewed more than 32 million times.
Numerous publications, including Serious Eats and Food & Wine, have also offered recipes for those hoping to include the Negroni sbagliato on their holiday cocktail menus.
D’Arcy has shrugged off much of the attention, suggesting that their zeal was simply the result of a tiring day of press coverage.
“I feel so embarrassed,” the actor told The New York Times in October before quipping: “I’m obviously doing Campari’s next campaign.”
Senior Culture Reporter, HuffPost
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