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Writes about popular Reddit threads to give insight into the different types of people in society.
A woman, a body art enthusiast, was surprised after seeing her new tattoo, a poorly executed knife on her hand.
Malana, a 23-year-old woman, was extremely disappointed when her recent knife tattoo backfired. She shared a video in TikTok under the username @malyev that the tattoo had wobbly lines and multiple blowouts.
The body art enthusiast left her home after deciding to test her luck by getting a tattoo without specifying what she wanted. Although she initially chose to have a ‘get what you get’ tattoo, she changed her decision later and switched to a knife design.
She shared that she had no reason to fear while she sat down on the tattooist’s chair because a friend had a positive experience.
But things didn’t go as she expected. She was horrified to see her latest tattoo and called it ‘awful’. She also questioned why an apprentice was allowed to work without supervision.
After she realized how horrible her tattoo was she texted the shop owner. They revealed that the tattooist was an apprentice and she wasn’t supposed to work on her hands and legs. But Malana clarified that there was no one else in the shop and that the tattooist worked willingly on her hand.
That’s not the end. Six days after she got the tattoo and it started to heal, the ink started coming out at the handle, making it appear even worse. She also pointed out that the shading and the tip of the knife were completely off.
The shop owner refunded her after she raised the issue.

Writes about popular Reddit threads to give insight into the different types of people in society.
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