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Jul. 30 2020, Updated 1:58 p.m. ET
Getting famous on TikTok is all well and good, but when the dollar signs, commas, and zeros start rolling in is where it really counts. If you are an influencer or think you might be on the verge of being at influencer status, then you might need to get familiar with a TikTok money calculator. Because if you don’t have a manager ready to deal with your finances and figure out how much you can make from being TikTok famous, you’ll need to calculate it for yourself.
If you’ve never heard of a TikTok money calculator, it’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s a way to put in your TikTok credentials and internet clout to figure out how much money you can make from being famous on TikTok. There are a few different websites that offer this service and, if you really are on the precipice of TikTok stardom, you’ll want to understand how to use them.
First, you should remember that TikTok money calculators are essentially earning estimators to tell you how much you could potentially earn based on where you stand on the app. It takes into account your followers, user engagement, and likes. If you use the calculator on Influencer Marketing Hub, you can easily get an idea of how much money you have the potential to earn per post if you crack down on becoming an influencer.
On the site, you enter your TikTok username and wait for the calculator to bring up your information. It will tell you how many followers, hearts, and posts you have on TikTok. Then, it will tell you the percentage of your engagement rate with others on your videos. It will give you an estimated rate you could earn per post. The calculator also gives you the option of clicking a button to learn more about being an official influencer.
Unlike Instagram, where influencers earn money from blatantly schilling different products, influencers on TikTok simply make money for creating content that engages and entertains followers. And, as it stands, there are a ton of young TikTok stars who have made a living for themselves before they were even able to legally drink. If you feel you missed your calling by being born in the 80s instead of the year 2000, you can always hope your kids will become internet famous instead.
But just to put it into perspective, Charli D’Amelio, who turned 16 in 2020, makes a reported $25,000 per TikTok post. And while Addison Rae is said to make a minimum of $1,000 to $2,000 per video, that still adds up to quite a bit. According to NBC News, if a TikTok star has at least 5 million followers, they can make up to $8,000 for a single sponsorship.
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If you’re lucky enough to land an official ad campaign like some TikTok stars have done, then you may be featured in one of those hard-to-miss ads that pop up as soon as you launch the app. Otherwise, influencers on TikTok can enter into partnerships with different brands, promote their brands in videos, and rake in the dough. Eventually, you can either become a TikTok powerhouse or fizzle out with the rest of the normies.
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