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While not all mash-ups are good, there are some that are truly great (hi, tiramisu and cheesecake). And blates are a prime example of one of the best mash-ups.
What are blates, you might ask? I’m thrilled to answer that: A blate is the perfect combination of a bowl and a plate, hence the name. They’re more shallow than bowls, but have taller edges than plates. They’re also often referred to as pasta bowls or coupes. No matter what you call them, though, they’re great for pasta (also hence the name), as well as salads where sticking a fork into greens on a flat plate is a futile effort or really, any sauce-y dish where you want to sop it all up with crusty bread.
As someone who eats pasta once a day, I think blates are amazing. They’re like the Goldilocks of dishware. While they’ve been around for years and we’ve been fans for a while, there’s been a recent resurgence, thanks to this viral TikTok.
In honor of the well-deserved attention blates are now getting again, here are some of my favorites and some of the ones on my wishlist. Because at the end of the day, as Becky puts it, we all deserve a bowl that’s also a plate that’s also a bowl.
East Fork is a Kitchn editor favorite, and for good reason. I’ve had my eye on The Coupe for a while and it didn’t disappoint when I finally got one — I can fit a whole package of gnocchi on there!
Le Creuset jumped on this sound on TikTok, as one does, to highlight their own blate — and I would like one too, please.
Yes, CB2 calls it a “pasta bowl” but I’m still calling it a “blate” — just rolls off the tongue better, no? Anyway, when I first heard about pasta bowls, I remember saving CB2’s version on Pinterest.
Because I’m a Target loyalist and it’s super inexpensive.
Jono Pandolfi is another editor favorite, and the Coupe Pasta Bowl comes in various glazes that you can mix and match — my eye’s on this dark brown and moss combo.
The slate green version of these pasta bowls is my favorite, but I wouldn’t mind any of these shiny stunners, TBH.
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