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After 11 years of being a coach on The Voice, folks might think Blake Shelton only loves to ham it up for the TV cameras. As it turns out, he’s not afraid to make fun of himself regardless of the audience.
Back in November, the country singer posted a clip on TikTok in which he promoted his collaboration with Lands’ End. But in typical Blake fashion, he didn’t do it via a promotional video discussing the items in the collection. Instead, wife Gwen Stefani caught him browsing his latest clothing pieces while flying on what looked to be a private jet.
“Blake, what are you shopping for?” she asked him. “I am shopping on my own…” he replied as Gwen zoomed in on an image of him. ” Oh my god, are you…? That’s embarrassing!”
After being caught red-handed, he slammed his laptop shut to emphasize his surprised reaction. Like most of the Barmageddon star’s antics, fans couldn’t stop laughing at Blake’s attempt at being an influencer.
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“At least we all know that he never [returns] his clothing because he shops on his own clothing line ?????,” one person wrote in the TikTok comments. “I laughed so hard… his face at the end. Love you guys so much,” another added. “That gives ‘Try before you buy’ a whole new meaning,” a different follower said.
If there’s one thing consistent about Blake, it’s that he’s not afraid to get folks laughing even at his own expense. He’s been doing it for years on The Voice, and he’ll most likely continue to do so through his upcoming final season.
What’s more, this isn’t the first time Blake has embarrassed himself—or a fellow coach—for the sake of his followers. Fans caught him teasing Camila Cabello behind the scenes of their NBC competition series, proving that it doesn’t matter who he’s making fun of, as long as someone enjoys it.
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