Radio 1: TikTok stars in 2022 Christmas Takeover revealed – BBC

BBC Radio 1 has announced it will host its first-ever TikTok takeover on Christmas Day.
Eleven stars from the worlds of comedy, entertainment and music will be on the airwaves from 14:00 to 18:00 GMT.
They include Fats Timbo, George and Joe Baggs, Maddie Grace Jepson, Kyron Hamilton, Madeline Argy and Max Fosh.
"So excited to be part of this TikTok takeover this Christmas," says 23-year-old Kyron, who has 1.3 million followers on the app.
And there have been some who have taken an unconventional route to their slot.
Finance graduate Fats Timbo, 25, who is part of a BBC podcast called We've Got Your Phone, was a finance graduate before her TikTok channel took off.
Fats, who was born with dwarfism, says: "When I was younger I could only dream of this.
"Now I can represent disabled people through the radio."
The station's annual guest presenter programme will also return, with 29 brand new hosts getting a chance to reach Radio 1's audience.
They include people who have worked on student, local, community or hospital radio stations.
One of the new guest presenters, Chrissy Cameron, who is partially sighted, won Best Presenter at this year's Student Radio Awards and will be taking over Radio 1's Future Sounds show.
Chrissy, a media production student from Hebburn, on Tyneside, calls it "an absolute dream".
"I'm really looking forward to introducing listeners to new voices and being a music nerd on national radio."
"I'm thrilled that this year we're also able to make some room for new and emerging social media talent as I know our young audiences would love to hear a different side to their online heroes," says Aled Haydn Jones, head of Radio 1.
Radio 1 first introduced the Christmas Takeover in 2019, which enabled new DJs and presenters to host a show on the station over the festive break.
Eight guest presenters from previous years have been given permanent slots on the station.
Afternoon show presenters Dean McCullough and Vicky Hawkesworth, who took over from Scott Mills, first appeared in 2020.
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