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Social media and TikTok can be fun yet deceiving, as many people on the platform claim that Cheryl, known for the huge age difference between her and her partner, is dead. The rumors that started on November 27, 2022, made many people believe that the 62-year-old has tragically passed away.
However, contrary to the claims, the TikToker is well and alive, as she and her partner have been sharing a lot of videos.
Quran, the social media personality’s 25-year-old husband, also rubbished the rumors of his wife passing away by replying to a comment saying,
The fact that the couple has not addressed anything about Cheryl passing away and has regularly uploaded videos proves that TikTok is alive and doing fine.
Social media is a place where any news, good or bad, spreads like wildfire. While death hoaxes are a common feature on these platforms, the popular TikToker has become the recent victim of these hoaxes. Many have been sharing videos in which they are sharing their reactions to the TikToker passing away.
A social media user shared a video with the caption:
However, King Quran and Queen Cheryl have been consistent with their uploads all this while. From sharing the “couple” content to what they have been doing the entire day, they have been posting a lot of videos, which concludes that TikTok is alive and is not suffering health-wise either.
With an age gap of 37 years, Cheryl McGregor and Quran McCain married in October last year. The ceremony was streamed on TikTok on September 3, 2021, and showed the 62-year-old as a bride, walking down the aisle as Quran waited for his wife-to-be.
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The couple resides in Georgia, USA, and has millions of followers. Through their videos, the couple has revealed that Cheryl, a mom of seven, worked as a cashier at a convenience store when Quran first saw her and fell in love.
The couple connected, and Quran later popped the question with a £2,200 ring to marry him in July 2021, just eight months after they had started dating.
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The couple does not seem much bothered by the death hoax. However, social media users should be cautious before believing anything of this sort. Moreover, if any netizen comes across any such post claiming a person’s death, the user must wait for an official confirmation from friends or family.
One should report such pieces of fake news so that people do not believe them and start spreading them even more.
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