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A plumbing expert has warned TikTok users against trying a viral window hack that sees people using washing-up liquid to prevent condensation.
There have been a huge number of different tricks and hacks to go viral on TikTok over the years, to help users with everything from cooking to cleaning, and more.
However, while many can appear to be quite useful, some of them may actually end up causing more harm than good.
Videos with thousands of likes on TikTok show users covering their windows with a thin layer of washing-up liquid, claiming that it helps prevent condensation.
But although some have found that the hack has actually seemingly worked, bathroom expert Evan Jones from Bathroom Supastore told Manchester Evening News why the hack wasn’t perhaps as useful as it seems.
“While the videos clearly show that they are condensation free, what they don’t show is that the moisture that would have formed on those windows has now gone elsewhere,” he said. He went on to say that the moisture that would have formed on the windows could instead soak into walls and ceilings.
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He went on to say: “Removing mold from your walls is more difficult than removing it from PVC. If the mold does develop in your walls then it could cost thousands to fix and could make you very ill in the process.”
“If you are using washing up liquid on your windows to prevent condensation you need to stop right away as there are better and safer alternatives that won’t damage your home or your health.”
Instead, Evan suggests using a dehumidifier as a more effective way of removing excess moisture, as it’s safer for both you and your house.


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