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TikTok is loving the viral Mirrored Delay filter or ‘twin filter’ as some are calling it — here’s everything to know about how to get the effect and use it.
One of the things TikTok is best known for is the huge range of different filters and effects that you can find on the app. Some of them end up spawning their own trends, whether that’s AI effects or minigames, and can garner millions of likes and views.
An effect that has been blowing up on the app throughout December allows users to duplicate themselves on screen, with the second image of them acting with a delay.
This means that whatever action you do, your ‘twin’ will repeat it just a second later. People have been getting creative with how to use this filter, and many have gone viral by lip-syncing to the song ‘All The Things She Said’ by t.A.T.u., with the effect allowing them to essentially perform a duet.
If you want to jump on the trend, here’s how you can try out the filter for yourself.
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To use the twin filter on TikTok, you will be able to easily access it through the camera on the app. Although many are dubbing it the ‘twin filter,’ the effect is actually called ‘Mirrored Delay.’
Just do as follows:
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