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© 2013-2022 Niche Gamer.
© 2013-2022 Niche Gamer.

Vietnamese TikTok user Sunoshop maybe spent too much time thinking about “how” instead of thinking “why”, leading to their latest creation.
The TikTok account has reached some notoriety by making PC builds and gaming room decorations, all of which are fairly ordinary – until a few days ago when one video threw everyone for a loop.
The new video shows a portable gas stove, which turns on by cranking up the heat and unlocking the gas mechanism. Thankfully, it doesn’t seem to run on gas.
The user opens up the top and side lids of the stove to reveal a power supply and all of its components, including an RGB fan on top, because it can’t be a gaming computer without an RGB fan.
The TikTok video can be watched here, just so you know we are not making this up.
Maybe it isn’t the best idea to build a computer inside something that is designed to heat up, but who am I to question Vietnamese engineering.
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