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Ideas and tips for creating interesting, informative, and engaging Instagram reels and TikToks
The use of short videos on social media platforms is growing, arguably due to our ever-shortening attention spans. It has become easier and easier to create a short reel on Instagram or TikTok, regardless of your skill level.
You don’t need to be a top videographer to make short videos for social media. Whether it’s ‘in app’ editing or using one of the many editing apps available, it has never been easier to create fun, engaging video content.
If you want to build engagement on social media for your charity, then you need to make videos. Below are a few tips to make this as easy as possible.
Often it’s the shortest videos that have the highest number of views and biggest engagement. Sometimes one simple shot with some text over the top can be enough to grab people’s attention.
You don’t need to panic about having lots of great shots edited together, videos can be as short as five seconds and still be quite impactful and hard-hitting. Create a short video now with one short clip and a fact about your charity written over the top.
You can find what sounds and songs are trending by watching a few popular videos, or when adding music, it will show you some of the popular songs. Scroll the ‘for you’ tab on TikTok or look at the reels tab for ideas.
On TikTok you can also see what’s trending on their own Creative Centre. Create a short video with some trending music over the top and see if you get more views.
It has never been easier to make a popular Instagram reel thanks to the templates function.
When looking at other’s reels see if it has ‘use template’ on it. If it does click on this button and all you need to do is replace the existing images or video clips with your own and it is automatically timed to the music.
You can quickly create a perfectly timed, fun Instagram reel in minutes.
The great thing about reels and TikToks is that they have longevity beyond the first couple of days you post them up. Make sure you add relevant and trending hashtags as you never know when it might get picked up and found in the days and weeks after you posted it. Trending music, sounds, and templates can also mean it gets found several days or weeks later, too. Use a mix of hashtags, including really popular hashtags and more niche ones.
You can now add donation stickers to your reels and TikToks. If you’re already registered as a charity on Facebook Manager and have a donation button this should be easy to connect with Instagram.
To add a donation sticker on TikTok you need to register with Tiltify.
Don’t overuse Tiltify and only use it as part of specific campaigns. You can also encourage ambassadors and followers to add a donation button for your charity on their own posts.
If you want to make content that is shareable then make it something people want to share. This could be sharing a shocking statistic or fact about the work you do and why, or some tips that link to your cause. For example, tips on how to stay warm in winter, might be something a homeless charity shares.
This example from the British Red Cross is bringing a few of the tips above together in one, short, hard-hitting reel.
TikTok is still primarily a younger Gen Z audience, though things are definitely changing with a wider age group starting to regularly engage with the platform.
If you want to appeal and connect with a younger audience then get young people to help you. They know what kind of trending songs, videos and ideas will work. Trust in your audience and see if some volunteers can start making reels for you. Young Scot are doing a great job on that front, for example.
Here are a few ideas for Instagram reels and TikToks that you can make today:
Have a go at making a short reel now, have a look at what other charities and organisations are doing and give it a go yourself.
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