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You can see what you’d look like in Bridgerton.
It seems as if your entire feed these days is filled with artificial intelligence (AI) images of your besties. The new “it” thing to do is the AI trend on Instagram, which takes your selfies and creates computer-generated pieces of artwork using Stable Diffusion. While Lensa seems to be the most popular AI art filter to use, the online genealogy platform, MyHeritage, is getting in on the fun as well. You may have even see their version on your FYP, and here’s how to share your MyHeritage AI on TikTok and Instagram.
The MyHeritage AI tool is called AI Time Machine, and it’s meant to show you what you may have looked like in different time periods throughout history. For anyone who believes they were born in the wrong century, it’s time to see if that’s true. The AI Time Machine can show you what you would have looked like in Ancient Greece or the 1930s. There’s even an AI art filter to see yourself as 19th century French royalty, which gives off a Bridgerton vibe.
Tying into the genealogy of MyHeritage, the AI Time Machine can also show you how much you look like some of your ancestors. For instance, TikTokers, like Tefi Pessoa (@hellotefi), have found family resemblance between their AI images and photos of their grandparents. Talk about nostalgic AF.
While these computer-generated pics have gone viral, the AI filter trend has been criticized recently for its method of creating these images, with artists on Twitter claiming it’s “making a profit on a mountain of stolen, uncredited and uncompensated art.” As mentioned, Stable Diffusion is how these AI apps like MyHeritage and Lensa create their art, which is a “text-to-image technology.” The technology basically uses open source material, which can include copyrighted and watermarked artwork that is displayed on the internet, to help inspire and generate their photos. While technically legal, it’s using work from artists without giving them proper credit or paying them.
Elite Daily reached out to MyHeritage for comment on the criticism of Stable Diffusion, but did not hear back at the time of publication. However, if you want to make sure artists are being given the credit they’re due, an upside to using the MyHeritage Time Machine to create AI images of yourself is that it appears the source material these computers are pulling from to generate your AI self is much older. That means your images are inspired by the work of Ancient Greek and 19th century painters and art movements, rather than a living artist today. If you want to jump on board, here’s how to do the MyHeritage AI TikTok trend for yourself.
Similar to the Lensa app, to begin with the MyHeritage AI Time Machine, you’ll want to upload about 10 to 25 selfies to their site. TikToker @postcardsfromabi breaks down each of the steps to uploading your photos to AI Time Machine, which begins with clicking on “Try it now.” When uploading, make sure to include a good variety of photos that are taken of your full body and close-up as well as from the front and your side profile. Once you have your images in the system, you’ll need to enter a title — your name — and your gender. Unfortunately, it just has male and female as an option.
After that, you’ll need to actually sign up for MyHeritage with your email. The actual AI Time Machine feature costs $10, according to TikToker @heatherlvo. Once you’ve signed up and paid, your photos will start to generate. MyHeritage says that photos can take from 30 to 90 minutes to send to your email. After sorting through your faves, you’re ready to share them on TikTok.
To do the MyHeritage or AI Time Machine trend on TikTok, you’ll want to find the “I love being a woman” TikTok sound from Anne With An E. You’ll start recording with that soundbite of your current self and then share your photos, like TikToker @lilcottagefairy does. While you can upload like that, you also have the option to add text to your video to explain which era each of your photos is from. You can also include some of those family photos to show a comparison.
If you’d like to go into each photo individually, you can also do that like TikToker @bookishnadi. This method is especially LOL-worthy if you want to point out some areas of your AI filter self that the computer completely botched like your eyes or hands. However you’d like to share your photos, it’s clear that Swift is not the only one in her Eras era — you are too!
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