Georgia lawmakers want to ban TikTok app – FOX 5 Atlanta

Following suit with several other states, a state senator wants Georgia to ban the use of TikTok.
As debate in Washington D.C. continues over concerns of data collection, election tampering on and misinformation on TikTok, one Georgia lawmaker is pushing for more restrictions on use of the app in the Peach State.
On Wednesday, state Sen. Jason Anavitarte, who represents Paulding, Polk, and Haralson counties, announced plans to sponsor legislation banning it completely.
The Georgia senator, who chairs the Senate Study Committee on the Creation of a Georgia Cybersecurity Force, referred to the popular social media app as "malware produced by communist China to influence our elections." He went on to say it doesn’t have any place in the state.
A news release from Anavitarte’s office reads:
"While the app isn’t operated directly by the Chinese government, its parent company is located in Beijing and China’s 2017 National Intelligence Law requires all citizens and businesses to assist in intelligence gathering and share any date with the Chinese government."
This comes as other states have taken action against the social media giant. Indiana’s attorney general filed suit against the app on Wednesday claiming it misleads users about the level of inappropriate content and over security of consumer information. Last week, FBI Director Christopher Wray said the app could be used for espionage efforts.
State Sen. Anavitarte said banning use of the app through the legislative process may take some time, but he looks forward to working with Gov. Brian Kemp on a more immediate solution, an executive order that would make it illegal to have the app downloaded on government-owned devices and personal devices with access to sensitive government systems.
Governors in South Dakota, Texas, and Maryland have already enacted similar orders. The FCC commissioner has also called for a nationwide ban on the app.
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