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That’s enough internet for one day
There is another TikTok trend taking over the app and no, it’s not as gross as vabbing. TikTok users have been sharing a new activity they’d decided to do, probably just for the views at this point. The trend is call beezin’, and people have begun putting Burt Bee’s lip balm on their eyelids and sharing it on TikTok. If you find yourself truly confused about why people are doing this, here is a rundown on the beezin’ trend and what it does:
Beezin’ is when you put Burt’s bees lip balm, usually peppermint flavoured, onto your eyelids. Why people are doing this is bizarre enough as it is and it’s actually been around since 2014. The beezin’ hashtag has tons of videos beneath it, with people beezin’ on a night out with their friends.
Well, some TikTok users have claimed that beezin’ can heighten the sensation of being drunk or high. It obviously really stings to put peppermint lip balm on your eyes, but for some on TikTok, that hasn’t been the only reason they’ve been doing it. One TikTok has gone viral of a group of girls applying Burt’s Bees to their eyelids and said they do it every time they go out. The video has gained over 20 million views and just over two million likes.
mint only around here #beezed #burtsbees #fyp
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I hate to break it to you but beezin’ does not work and is actually fairly dangerous to do. The peppermint oil inside a peppermint lip balm is an eye irritant, which can lead to people developing a “full-blown inflammatory response requiring treatment.” According to Optometry Times, applying Burt’s Bees to your eyelids could cause dermatitis in skins areas around the eyes.
Absolute menace #fyp #beezin #burtsbees #villainoriginstory
♬ Take My Breath Away (Love Theme from “Top Gun”) – Berlin
Gregg, who first put Burt Bee’s on his eyes when he was at university said he figured “it would create an interesting sensation”, which is all it does. Although many TikTok users are leading to people to believe it creates a high, it’s a funny feeling at the very least.
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Enjoy, you filthy animals


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