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TikTok and the craze for popular filters go hand in hand. As soon as a new and interesting filter hits the platform, users are hooked and it’s only a few moments until the filter goes viral. This time, it is the new AI Manga filter that has gone viral on the short video-sharing platform due to the anime craze.
TikTokers from all over the world are sharing their videos in anime avatars on the platform. While you may think that this is not a new practice as people have been posting such videos for a while now, you must know that until now people on the platform were using an external application for the same.
However, TikTok has now introduced an effect that is available within the app itself.
The filter uses the picture or video of the user to convert it into anime. The popularity of the same can be judged by the fact that millions of people are using the filter to create videos with the hashtag #MangaAnime. The hashtag has over 150 million views on the videos shared.
While there is no denying that the short video-sharing application can make anything popular, this time, the Manga Anime filter has created all the buzz on the platform. However, for those who are wondering how to get this filter, it only takes a few steps:
At the same time, those who wish to use an existing picture can also upload the same using the “+” icon visible on the screen. Once done, users will receive their Manga avatar on the screen, which is ready to be shared.
A few alternate steps can also help you create your own anime on the app:
It’s no news that users are now obsessed with this filter. People are also sharing their results on social media, as many are finding them hilarious. From their own pictures to using celebrity pictures, users are turning everything into anime, thanks to the filter.
However, a few TikTok users have also been complaining about how they cannot view the filters on their application. These users can try updating their application, as there could be a possibility that the filter might have come as an update.
If the filter is not available even after updating, it is best to report the problem either on the app itself or by writing an email to TikTok help.
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