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A Pizza Hut manager has sparked debate over online ordering.
The U.S. is seeing a rise in online ordering, with fast food app downloads up 27.5% compared to last year. But some people still like to order in the stores and others say it saves them money if they do so.
The video by TikTok user and Pizza Hut manager @c_shady has sparked a debate in the comments section because some viewers disagreed that ordering online is cheaper.
The video has racked up over 48,000 views.
The video begins with @c_shady responding to another TikTok user complaining about ordering a $21 pizza from Pizza Hut.
The TikToker walks through the Pizza Hut restaurant and says:
She continues explaining customers should never order pizza in the store, or else they will be "paying an arm and a leg for something they will pay half the price for online."
Many Pizza Hut customers have weighed in on the issue, with some agreeing they prefer to order online and pick up their pizzas from the store.
One person said: "Online be more expensive tho."
But another person replied, "What? You couldn't be more wrong!"
Another added: "I think the best trick is to order online and THEN pick it up."
While another user agreed: "Pick up is key. Most pizza chains have carry out specials."
"I ALWAYS order online. I thought everybody knew that was cheaper. Plus you get free points that lead to free food," comments another.
Then again, someone else noted: "Wish I would have seen this earlier before I went and spent 24 dollars on one small pizza".
According to QSR magazine, Pizza Hut had the eighth most downloaded quick-service restaurant app in October 2022. 
Fast food companies have realized that they can capture customer data using apps. As a result, they can send out specialized offers directly to their customers – often at better prices than in the store because they are sent to a targeted group of people. 
Over the past year, nearly all the major fast-food chains have had deals to drive customers to the app. 
This TikTok from a Pizza Hut manager is a good reminder that ordering pizza in a store is usually more expensive than ordering it online (notwithstanding local franchise deals). 
But after delivery costs and tax, ordering online may not always be cheaper. 
According to Pizza Hut fans, the trick to saving money on your pizza is to order online and then pick up your pizza from the store. 
As of November 21, 2022, there were 6,610 Pizza Hut locations in the U.S. The fast food chain has the most locations in Texas, with over 800 sites, followed by California and Florida (via Scrapehero). 
While some viewers disagreed with the TikToker, there is a compelling argument ordering online should be considered by anyone who wants to save money on their next meal from the chain.
There are perks to using an app to order instead of ordering over the phone. For example, Pizza Hut has been known for having rewards for loyal customers and other freebies when ordering pizza online. 
And yet, only some people know all of an app's tricks to get a good deal.
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Bringing you breaking news and videos from the world of fast food and retail. Follow me for the latest updates
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