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TAYLOR, B.C. — A video made by Taylor’s Justin Lagassé has gone viral on TikTok, with almost 15 million views in less than 24 hours. 
The video features his wife going to get coffee. 
She backs out of the driveway in a minivan and does a doughnut in the snow before driving away.
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With 2.9 million likes and 14.5 million views increasing by the minute, the video has more views than any of Lagassé’s other content. 
Lagassé said he was shocked to see his video get so many views in such a short period of time. 
“It was honestly very unexpected, I usually use TikTok to add music and effects to my videos,” said Lagassé.
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“Two hours after I posted the video on Facebook and TikTok, my friend told me to look at the video on TikTok because it had 20,000 views. 30 minutes later, I saw that it had reached 40,000 views and my jaw dropped. I told my wife and within five minutes of telling her it was almost at 70,000 views.”
Lagassé said every time he refreshed the app, the views climbed higher. 
“My mother called me and told me it was going viral as well,” said Lagassé.
“I thought that was pretty cool!”
Lagassé said his TikTok has “blown up” with followers since posting the video. 
He currently has 5,890 followers. 
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