The 1975: Matty Healy scolding security goes viral on Tiktok – The Arizona Republic

A video of The 1975’s Matty Healy berating security at a downtown Phoenix concert venue for not moving quickly to assist a concertgoer who’d fallen in the pit has gone viral on TikTok.
The British rockers were performing the heavily Auto-Tuned “I Like America & America Likes Me” in the midst of a sold-out performance at Arizona Financial Theatre on Nov. 23 when Healy took action, singing his concerns for the fan’s safety as though they were part of the song.
“Someone’s fallen down over there, go and (expletive) sort them out,” he sang. “Stop standing there like a bunch of (expletives).”
As one might imagine, it sounded pretty humorous when being sung through all that Auto-Tune.
A TikTok video by a fan named Claire, who captioned it “He’s so considerate <3,” has earned 1.1 million views in a week.
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A TikTok user named Maggie responded, “The fact that he’s simultaneously being both obnoxious and considerate is so him.”
Hippodisco101 joked, “I love these new lyrics he added wow they’re so meaningful to the song.”
And Jess (taylor’s version) wrote, “Pls, never take autotune away from him” with a laughing so hard I’m crying emoji.
Those are just of three of more than 1,300 responses the video earned within a week of the concert.
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