This Viral TikTok Challenge Has Us Getting As Dirty As Lindsay Lohan –

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It is the trend to be very dirty this holiday season. Have you heard what it is they are asking us to do?  It is just too much. I literally don’t think I can do it.  Could you?
TikTok had some pretty dangerous and horrible trends for 2022, this one is just horrible.  It’s all about a special drink called a “dirty soda”.  Who is the spokesperson?  Lindsay Lohan.  
Perfect casting aside, this “dirty soda” is getting tons of buzz yet it used to be a thing a long time ago too.  First of all, what exactly is a dirty soda?
Lindsay Lohan chose jammies over her best Mean Girls Santa suit to tell us how good it is to be dirty.  Take a glass of Pepsi, add a splash of milk (or cream) and mix it to make Pilk.  Yes, that’s Pepsi milk. Ewwwww.  
Back in the 1960’s people used to drink this if they had an upset stomach.  I feel like drinking this would give me an upset stomach.  Lindsay is trying to make Pilk and cookies happen.  Here is the commercial.
I have to know are you drinking Pilk?  Lindsay is saying that at first she thought it sounded weird but now (cha-ching) she loves it!  They also recommend trying it with cherry and vanilla Pepsi.
You can win money if you tag Pepsi in their #PilkAndCookies campaign so you might as well get a little dirty for a shot to win!
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