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A man on a wheelchair selling an assortment of items near a coffee shop in Tampines had a passer-by do a double take when that exact same individual was spotted standing up to push his wheelchair around earlier.
The passer-by took to TikTok to 'expose' the middle-aged man on Tuesday (Nov 29). 
Filming the man going about his business, he said: "He was pushing the wheelchair, and now he's sitting down." 
Dressed in a polo T-shirt and a pair of blue shorts, the man had a backpack next to his wheelchair.
He also had an assortment of items on the ground in front of him for sale, including what looked like packets of tissue paper and keychains. 
"Like this also can ah?" the passer-by wrote in the video's caption. The man did not seem to realise he was being filmed. 
There were also the words "considered cheating?" in the in-video caption.
Speaking to AsiaOne, the passer-by, who declined to be named, said he spotted the man arranging some items for sale at another location earlier.
"I didn't pay him any attention until I saw him a short while later pushing his wheelchair to the location in the video to set up shop. He walked just fine to me, and he wasn't limping." 
"He looked able-bodied to me so I thought, 'Why resort to this?'" 
The TikTok also included a picture of the same man pushing his wheelchair away. 
"His legs are ok. He walks just fine," added this passer-by. 
In less than 24 hours, the video racked up more than 100,000 views, with some netizens questioning the uncle's actions.
One accused this man of wanting others to pity him, saying "that's why he is acting as a disabled uncle". 
However, there were others who called out the passer-by for taking and posting this video on TikTok.
"Let him be la he never disturb you ma [sic]," urged one netizen. 
Another said that that's no need to "shame him" and that one doesn't have to be "so judgemental".
Others said that one should give this man the benefit of the doubt, that there's nothing wrong with him pushing and then sitting down on his wheelchair.
Another said that in the first place, this man didn't claim that he has a disability and that he was just sitting there selling packets of tissues. 
Just last month, an elderly man made headlines after he was spotted in Ang Mo Kio selling packets of tissue paper
The man, surnamed Zhou, also had two placards in front of him, explaining that he was selling tissues to raise money for his mother's funeral expenses. 
However, his claims were disputed by some members of the public, who said they've seen Zhou begging elsewhere. 
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