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One of the most popular and used social media apps these days is none other than TikTok. From all of the latest trends to fashion advice and sports updates, viewers on TikTok really can get it all. One of the more popular sides of TikTok is known as “influencers.” The term is common enough these days, but for those not hip to the social media scene, what is an influencer, anyway?
An influencer is someone who creates content that influences people to wear certain things, travel to places, and live their lives in a certain way. Young people love to flock to TikTok to follow all of the latest and most followed influencers to try get inspiration to live their best lives. However, a new phenomenon on TikTok called “grandfluencers” has started to take the app by storm. What and who exactly are grandfluencers on TikTok?
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A grandfluencer is someone on TikTok who is still an influencer but looks on camera to be someone who is the age of a grandparent. Even though there is no exact age that is tied to a “grandfluencer,” those who are referred to as such typically are at least 60 years of age. Some of the most popular pages on TikTok are those of grandfluencers, as those who are on the app like to look to older people for advice.
Grandfluencers provide a sense of calming care and guidance that most people have when they are around their own grandparents. Some of the most common things that grandfluencers talk about are how to live life.
This is not just a great feeling for the younger generation on TikTok but also for the grandfluencers themselves. Grandparents tend to enjoy giving advice and sharing about their lives. Now TikTok has given them the ability to constantly share advice and touch so many different lives worldwide, not just those closest to them. For example, people who need dating advice can lean on videos from grandfluencers to navigate the complexities of the modern dating world. If you need any financial advice, grandfluencers help with that, too.
The fact that grandparents are becoming more and more knowledgeable about technology and apps like TikTok and Instagram means that more heartfelt advice is sure to be coming.


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