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POWELL, Ohio — A surgeon in Powell known for her viral TikToks that show her procedures had her medical license suspended with three lawsuits filed against her.
The State Medical Board suspended Dr. Katherine Roxanne Grawe’s medical license on Nov. 18. The board found the surgeon did not provide written discharge instructions to one patient and found that another had to undergo further treatment at a hospital following a surgery.
The board also found concerns with the doctors repeated use of social media. Records state by taking videos of procedures, the doctor’s focus was on the camera, not the patient. The board state’s, “Dr. Grawe’s continued practice presents a danger of immediate and serious harm to the public.”
“The problem with social media is that there really has been no regulation by the local, state or even the federal level on what is presented,” shares Dr. Robert Houser, a local surgeon who suggests doing extensive research before choosing a doctor.
Dr. Houser suggests seeking out multiple trusted referrals, and consulting professional resources like theaestheticsociety.org that features board certified plastic surgeons have had added distinction in aesthetic surgery.
One patient, Amber Runyon shares she wanted to go to Dr. Roxy after seeing her videos on social media.
“I found Dr. Roxy through Snapchat,” shares Runyon. “Her vibe and energy and the way she made you believe she was invested in our patients and their outcome.”
Amber says the glimpse behind the scenes helped make up her mind.
“I couldn’t wait to get on there to watch, you know, the surgeries for the day. It showed you detail step by step of everything. I felt like I was extremely prepared for these surgeries,” shares Runyon.
Runyon went in for the “Mommy MakeOver,” a procedure that includes breast surgery and a tummy tuck, but says within 24 hours, she had complications.
“My drains were not working in the recovery house. I told them my drains weren’t working. So again, no fluid is coming out. They told me just work with it. It’ll be fine. So I’m not using any of my drains. So everything’s just backing up,” says Runyon.
Runyon says despite her concerns, a nurse practicioner advised her not to go to the emergency room.
“I told her I wanted to go to the emergency room and she advised me do not go to the hospital,” says Runyon.
Runyon says she was out of work for two months, still cannot stand up completely and is having to pay to have additional surgeries.
“I thought she was the best, because that’s the way she made me feel… but i should have dug a little deeper,” says Runyon.
Attorney James Arnold doesn’t represent Runyon but represents two other patients of Dr. Roxy. He says one of his clients was also instructed not to call 911.
“One of my clients has suffered multiple bowel punctures, while that was occurring, ultimately ended up having surgery and part of her bowel removed because of the punctures,” says Arnold.
Arnold says he’s thankful his client followed her gut and went to the hospital.
“One of the clients had she not had the fortitude to say ‘I don’t care what you’re telling me, I’m calling 911’ would not have gone to the hospital. And in my opinion probably would have died if she didn’t go to the hospital to have emergency surgery,” says Arnold.
Dr. Roxy’s office declined to comment. She has until Dec. 17 to request a hearing on her license suspension.
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