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An Englishman living in Texas shares in a viral TikTok what we refuse to share with other states, H-E-B, of course.
An Englishman living in Texas shares in a viral TikTok what we (Texans) refuse to share with other states – and he’s not wrong. Oli Pettigrew mentioned how Texans will share their mower with others, let you borrow their truck, and hand over their barbecue but added there’s one thing Texans won’t give up.
“There’s one thing Texans absolutely point blank refuse to share with any of the other 49 states in America. It’s theirs. It’s a secret. It makes them feel special. You can’t have it, and it’s only three letters,” Pettigrew said in the video which has received more than 814,000 views and about 173,000 likes. 
H-E-B, of course.
In the video posted on November 17, Pettigrew showed TikTok what H-E-B is by visiting a store near him. He even noted a fun fact about how the San Antonio-based grocery chain is named after Howard E. Butt, which many Texans already know at birth. Charles, the younger son of Howard E. Butt, became president of H-E-B in 1971.
“It’s a grocery store you can only find in Texas, and Texans love it. Why? Well because Texans love all things Texan,” Pettigrew said. “But also, it’s just quality. For example, all of the other grocery stores are here, but if you had the choice, you’ll shop at H-E-B.”
He joked how the only time Texans wouldn’t shop at H-E-B is if the store was on fire, but explained how some of us would probably still give it a go and risk injury. While shopping, he told his followers that the H-E-B brand is often better than most brands, and cheaper. Pettigrew said, “just ask Texans about the ice cream.”
Pettigrew praised H-E-B on its fresh vegetables, ready-to-meals (the Meal Simples), free samples, the “really good” sushi, and the “incredible” bakery. He said, “they (H-E-B) always seem to go the extra mile.”
For the record, Pettigrew did add in the end that you can find H-E-B stores in northeast Mexico but not any other state in the U.S.
H-E-B even loved the video, commenting “we love your love for us and our ice cream.”
Check out the video below:
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