Aunt shocks TikTok with her homemade, 15-pound ‘cherpumple’ – Yahoo News

An aunt’s Turkey Day “cherpumple” dessert is the talk of the town on TikTok.
The user @aprylguzman said her “Aunt Chrissy” spent days making the 15-pound treat. Every part of the “cherpumple” was entirely homemade. So what the heck is a “cherpumple” anyway? Well, for starters, it’s very hard to slice.
The video began with Aunt Chrissy trying to cut into what appeared to be a massive cake with white frosting. Some family members joked she needed a better knife or a “chainsaw.”
Eventually, she got a slice of the cherpumple, which is three layers of cherry pie and chocolate cake, pumpkin pie and spice cake, then finally, apple pie and butter cake. It was definitely the dessert of all desserts.
The video racked up 1.3 million views, and @aprylguzman called the dessert “amazing.”
“I’ve made 2 of these for Christmas one year with a pumpkin pie, pecan pie & an apple pie. It weighed 25 lbs,” someone shared.
“I was only expecting two flavors based on the name. That was a fun surprise to see the whole slice,” a person said.
“It’s definitely beautiful. I’m a baker and I cook for my family daily this piece of art took a lot of love and hard work,” a user commented.
“This looks amazing! You can tell so much time and love went into this,” another wrote.
“I have never heard of cherpumple, but I would try it,” a TikToker replied.
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