Roblox November 9: Are the 20 New Hackers Fake or Real? – Game Revolution

By Nick Tan
A Roblox November 9 rumor has been circulating around TikTok and YouTube saying that there will be 20 new hackers who will wreck havoc on anyone who logs into the game on that date. According to a large number of TikTok videos, these hackers will join games one by one to ban players and delete all of their items. But is this hacking rumor real or fake?
The Roblox November 9 hacker rumor is most likely fake and an outright exaggeration for a number of reasons. The most popular TikTok video on the rumor, which has been viewed over 2 million times, only says this this hack will happen based on “information.” That’s about it in terms of a source. And from there, other TikTok users have been spreading the rumor through word of mouth to scare people, probably in part due to Halloween.
As for the rumor itself, the date of November 9 is overly specific, and any intelligent hacker would not telegraph when the attack will happen. The 20 new hackers is an oddly specific number too. Also, a Roblox hacker doesn’t need you to log in to hack your account, so not playing the game on November 9 isn’t going to prevent a potential hack from happening. If anything, you should just be worried about Roblox hackers in general and not let anyone or any website learn your login information or password.
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