4 Fashion Trends That Are Huge on TikTok and How to Accessorize Each – PureWow

These days, when we need a little style inspiration, we take it straight to TikTok. Because who knows today’s fashion better than the creators who are already dictating what’s cool? Here, four of the top trends we’ve been seeing all over the platform, plus the luxe Roberto Coin Siena collection jewelry we’d use to accessorize each.  
They say fashion comes and goes in 30-year cycles. That explains why we’ve been seeing such a strong ‘90s influence again in the form of clean lines, long skirts, updos and denim all over TikTok. We suggest taking it all the way and accessorizing with quintessentially ‘90s jewelry styles, like Italian jewelry maker Roberto Coin’s 18K gold drop shapes with diamonds on dainty chains. Matching studs and necklaces are another decade-specific jewelry trend that look especially beautiful against these simple clothing styles.
Lug sole boots and leather jackets: two hallmarks of this trendy TikTok style. Follow suit with chunky accessories from Roberto Coin that are all maximalism, like wide diamond-studded hoops that hug your earlobes or a sparkling stack of extra-luxe bangles.
What do you find at the end of a rainbow? Gold, of course. Whereas silver or white gold might have a more muted, futuristic effect, yellow gold’s warmth will support your trendy bright tones. For a hint of glitter, go for clear stones to enhance—not compete with—your striking look. The Siena collection from Roberto Coin has luxe 18k yellow gold pieces embellished with high quality, ethically sourced diamonds, each with a signature ruby casted inside the jewel to represent the message of good wishes Roberto Coin dedicates to his clientele. 
Last but certainly not least, we have the one TikTok fashion trend to rule them all: blazers. Oversized without even a hint of tailoring, this jacket style lends itself perfectly to stacked rings that peek out below intentionally too-long sleeves. The bold, diamond encrusted bands from Roberto Coin are ideal for achieving this look, which will leave your outfit looking absolutely luxe and begging for a 15-second spot on someone’s doom scroll.


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