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TikTok has been throughly baffled by an auditory illusion from a scene between Barbie and Ken in Toy Story 3 which is blowing up on the app.
There have been a number of different confusing illusions to go viral on the internet over the years, including everything from the black & blue/white & gold dress, to the ‘Laurel vs Yanny’ auditory illusion.
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The latest one to take over TikTok and baffle millions of users is taken from a scene in popular animated movie Toy Story 3, in which Barbie ties Ken up, and rips apart some of his favorite clothes in front of him.
After tearing apart a pair of Hawaiian surf trunks, Ken exclaims, ‘Oh Barbie, those were vintage!’
However, in a video uploaded to TikTok, user Kitty Feeley asked users whether they hear Ken saying ‘Oh Barbie’ or ‘Oh f**k.’
To many people’s surprise, they found that they could clearly hear both versions depending on what they concentrated on. In fact, some even said that they couldn’t hear ‘Oh Barbie’ at all.
“There’s no way he says ‘oh Barbie,'” wrote one baffled user.
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“I hear both,” said another. “What in the ‘Laurel or Yanny’ is going on here…”
“I heard ‘oh Barbie’ the first time and now I can’t hear it anymore,” said one commenter.
In just over a day, this video has racked up over 2.4 million likes and 26 million views, and it’s continuing to baffle users due to how clearly they can hear the other version of the line in the clip.
As well as likening it to the ‘Yanny vs Laurel’ auditory illusion, many have also compared this clip to the similar ‘Green Needle vs Brainstorm’ phenomenon which has been hugely viral online in the past.
This ‘Oh Barbie’ illusion could be set to stick around on TikTok for a while as more people encounter the baffling effect.
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