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‘Some people have big toes and then there’s yours’??
If there is one kind of social media personality that will never get old, it’s the couples. Those in relationships on social media will either make you yearn for a relationship of your own or make you feel grateful you’re not in their relationship. While men have been sharing their icks about people on Twitter, couples have been sharing their icks about each other on TikTok and they’re so chaotic and hilarious you’ll be in stitches for so long. If you’re keen for a laugh and want a chance to have an insight into other people’s relationships, watch these 10 TikToks about couples sharing their icks for each other:
idk if this was as helpful as we thought it would be ? #couplechallenge #icks #voiceeffects
♬ original sound – The Marellis
well that was rude.
♬ original sound – brookelauwers
I’m not sure this helped #ick #icks #couplestherapy #coupleschallenge #voiceeffects #fyp
♬ original sound – Connor Rice
The icks get worse everytime?? #icks #ick #husbandandwife
♬ original sound – BABYFACE
♬ original sound – Samantha Kelly
♬ original sound – Brooke Monk
the last one really got me ?? he’s so triggered #icks #ick #voiceeffect #voiceeffects #couples #therapy #couplestherapy #relationships
♬ original sound – Kristy Sarah
Welcome to our married life #voiceeffects #couplecomedy #couple #couplechallenge #relationship #fyp
♬ original sound – Andy & Michelle
we did not hold back ?
♬ original sound – Wolfie
#icks #voiceeffects #aussie
♬ original sound – Paige Hunter
Men are sharing what green flags they like to see in women and bestie, I’m scared
Men have been sharing their worst icks and they’re so wild you’d hope they were joking
Girls are sharing what gives them the ick, and some of them are absolutely ridiculous
All you need is a fiver
There’s grey everywhere!
Where did this come from, please?
No prizes for guessing what number one is
She has an MBE!!
She’s friends with Proudlock, Alex Mytton and Jamie Laing
His I’m a Celeb fan club is sadly thriving
Jessika Power is said to be one of the most successful reality stars on the site
She was exposed for human trafficking in 2019
Sminty Drop twerking and crying dressed as a moth was better than anything at London Fashion Week
Raven has over double the amount of followers SK does, which is at least some justice
The drama is going to be unmatched and I can’t wait
Jill is stepmum to Shelly’s two daughters
Woo ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo ooo
Apparently it’s like The Crown but ‘raunchier’
Reza going to Kent is a real curveball
‘Some people have big toes and then there’s yours’??
Shaking at my headliners being Taylor Swift, Beyoncé and Madonna
Balenciaga has since admitted it should not have used children in its ad campaign
‘You should want to bring people up – drag should always be about that’
I need to sit down for this
Stacey Solomon is the original girlboss


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